Our Services include Exam & X-rays, Crowns, Root canal treatment, dentures, partial dentures, implants, bridges, cleaning, fillings, gum disease care, headache relief, whitening, tmj care.

  • A comprehensive examination and x-rays.  These are the basis needed for your diagnosis to help us develop your treatment plan and solve all of your dental problems.  With your permission, Dr. Z will give you "the best" way to treat these problems.  He will also discuss alternatives for treatment to meet your budgetary constraints and make it less expensive for you. 

  • Crowns to repair broken teeth.  Our crowns are made locally so Dr. Z can personally supervise the technicians.  The latest Zirconia crowns look super-real and are very gentle to the gums. Dr. Z is a true artist at making crowns that look natural and feel right in your mouth. 

  • Root Canal treatment, if you have a toothache and want to save your tooth (highly recommended!) this is the best method.  Root canal treatment has come a long way-- now it is high-tech, usually completed in one visit, and can be pain-free. Really! 
  • Replace Missing teeth. We have four different methods to help you look and chew better
    • Removable partial denture
    • Non-removable Bridge
    • Implants
    • Nesbitt (to replace just one or two teeth)
  • Dentures. If you are going to replace all of your teeth, we make dentures that look incredibly real! We don't skip steps when we make dentures, or partial dentures, so that you will be able to wear your teeth comfortably and enjoy eating again. 
  • Fillings. We use non-metallic composite fillings to give you a great look and treat cavities. 
  • Extractions.  Many of our patients attest to Dr. Z's angel hands when they get an extraction. 
  • Cosmetic dentistry isn't just for celebrities.  Dr. Z is well known for his amazing techniques in producing Hollywood smiles for his patients!
  • TMJ and headache treatment.  It is a shame that so many people suffer for years with frequent headaches that are never properly diagnosed.  Physicians just do not have the tools to recognize headaches that are caused by the teeth.  Dr. Z has solved this headache problem for many of his patients.  
  • Cleaning and gum disease.  Most adults have gingivitis or periodontitis.  They suffer from bad breath, bleeding gums, pain, and loose teeth.  Cleaning and non-surgical treatments are our first choices. Preventive measures and patient education on how to properly clean your teeth is one of Dr. Z's goals.