Afraid of the Dentist?

Let's admit that "going to the dentist" is probably not your first choice for a fun afternoon.  But, you probably do not want toothaches, broken teeth, infections, gum disease, missing teeth or an unattractive smile. Right? 

I'm Dr. Michael Zerivitz, and I pledge to you to do my absolute best to make your dental visit as easy and pain free as modern dentistry can make it.  In fact, my goal is for you to say, at the end of your appointment, "Doc, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!" 

With modern anesthetics, pre-appointment sedation, a caring staff, and a gentle dentist,  we can be very confident that your visit will be easy and comfortable.  Trust me, you will not suffer in my office. 

Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS

Michael A. Zerivitz, DDS